Drone Inspections

Drone are the perfect tool to inspect hard to reach subjects. Perfect for commercial and residential inspections. Photos and videos are organized into easy to view catalogues and uploaded to a google drive. We work often with architects and builders directly as well as homeowners. 

Examples of common inspections. 

Roof / Gutter Inspections - View shingles and gutters with ease. Safely inspect your roof with a drone to determine any sources of leaks.

Tower inspections - Safely analyze and record electrical and telecom towers with drones. High electricity and radio interference has severe health effects making drones the preferred method of inspection.

Real Estate - Analyze real estate at any height with our drones. Perfect to record the condition of roofs, siding, concrete, framing, plumbing, or any hard to access areas. Architects can view their project and make any modifications needed.

Bridge Inspections - View all aspects of a bridge including cables, steel, concrete, road surfaces and much more.  

Custom Inspections - Drones can be used for an endless amount of inspections. The sky is the limit. Contact us to discuss your subject and to receive a quote. 

Part 107 FAA Licensed Drone Inspectors

Base Price Per Hour

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